This War of Mine A Father Promise


This War of Mine A Father Promise

So I played this new DLC yesterday. Freshly downloaded from Steam. And It had such a great ending, I felt like sharing the experience.

Ummm … enjoy ?


Unreleased pictures from Guardian 镇魂?

Based on the background setting and props, it definitely reminds of the decor of  SID office on Avenue 4. Behind ZYL should be a standing red punching bag. While we don’t see it, I suspect the weight lifting equipment to be on ZYL right side.  Maybe he cosplayed for fun? hahahaha

“白宇 佳洁士广告拍摄花絮*3 BAIYU x CREST – BEHIND THE SCENES Collections

Bai Yu is specially elegant at 0:46.

I don’t get people saying that he is not handsome enough. Even for Memory Lost. I found him dashing in suit. I think it depends on the hairstyles a lot.

And I lose it whenever he puts hair away from his beautiful straight forehead.

November 11th, 2018, The Drama Day!

No it’s not the apocalypse yet nor no plans of Zombies rooming on earth, as it seems so far. But I highly anticipated 2 different Chinese dramas, aired on different channels, same day, same time! LOL the tragedy!!

Our Glamorous Time starring Zanilia Zhao & Han Jin  (58 episodes)

Forty Years We Walked starring Chai Bi Yun & Jin Shi Jia (60 episodes)

Both dramas are scheduled for November 11 for 7:30PM. Our Glamourous Time got licensed by VIKI so we are good to go. While Forty Years We Walk barely has any promotion. I hope it will get picked up as well. 

I actually feel more deeply for Forty Years, the plot seems much more intriguing. 

In any case, I strongly look forward to both dramas because I’m so done with re-watching past dramas and dropping new dramas left and right… ummm I really hope, the two will meet my expectations LOL XD


I watched this drama before reading the novel and rewatched it again back to back, because yes it is just that good. From my YouTube’s history to my phone wallpaper and ringtone, everything is currently all Guardian’s related. I am now also digging fanfictions from the drama. I can’t even recall my last drama obsession because it was so far in the past that I can’t even remember what it might have been.

But in any case, mind you, this drama is not perfect, even far from it. But you just can’t help from loving it … Maybe for all the wrong reasons?

What is to like?

. The two male leads incredible chemistry! I believe that they might have simply acted themselves, for their characters are so close to their real life personality. Acting wise, the two leads were flawless. The two of them, characters or the actors themselves, might be what had saved this drama from a complete disaster. So two big thump up for the casting choice!

. The opening and ending songs! They get stuck in the brain on a repeat loop. I found the opening song lyrics itself to be really fitting for this drama not only on a script level but also as a eye-opener of in which environment this drama has been going and will go through, in the past, present and future. At the time I am writing this short review, I believe that Youku has taken down the whole drama for censorship reasons. Production crew did their best to counter the censorship regulations and yet, it still got banned afterall. ” And the story will keep on going … 🎶 ” The irony of the current situation is simply mind blowing if I put it mildly.

. The subtile efforts from the production team to incorporate various elements from the original material. From camera angles to little props, to the dialogue between all the characters, you would wonder how you can even take this drama seriously when they are teasing the viewers like that. You can’t help but smile at the thought. Obviously, they had lot of fun producing this drama despite all its restrictions and difficulties, from the change in the casting, from the very nature of the source material, from the lost of funding during mid-production, to the current regulations in Chinese drama land. And yet they have succeeded in making such a memorable drama. I believe this to be quite commendable.

Pretty Li Hui Zhen episode 11-20 recap

I decided to do a 10 episodes recapitulation instead of 5.

I still don’t like Old Bai. He simply keeps on misunderstanding her. I know it’s probably written so that we, the viewers, feel the drastic changes in his feelings toward Hui Zhen. But I just can’t bring myself to connect to it. Hopefully, my feelings will change as the drama unfold in the following episodes. He also starts to doubt “hotel manager” true identity. He also has shown some jealousy act a few time seeing how Hui Zhen and Yimu are interacting with each other.  But how to put this, … I feel that it is scripted .. meaning the story flow in itself … it doesn’t feel natural to me … say if compared to Hui ZI think I’m biased because of my personal feelings toward Bin Bin/ Ying Zheng/ Chinese Vegeta  ??? sorry … for being impartial toward Old Bai.

I wanted to applaud Zia Qiao for wanting to break up with Old Bai. Fact is she had thrown away her “unfit” high heels and went to Yimu for support and even goes as far as asking him to personate as her fiance.  But then, she also later went to his apartment. I understand ah Qiao inner conflict though. But whatever she does won’t bring a happy outcome either way so I don’t really mind her that much. In fact, I pity her for she is simply lying to herself. In the end, she couldn’t bring herself to break up with Bai and also even stole Hui Zhen’s puzzle.

Yimu was adorable as per usual. He even got Hui Zhen as his sister now. I can imagine the pain. But then again, that is the most that he can hope for. My heart goes to him. Love you Yimu so much. Bin Bin is totally adorable is this character. I thought his acting in Ten Miles of Peach Blossom was wooden and his character so irrelevant. Then his acting was great in the King’s Woman. I’m not sure if it was the script or the voice dubber or his chemistry with D that had me confused but … yeah. His character was a ruthless king … but I didn’t hate him … my feelings for him is a little similar to what I feel toward Vegeta from Dragon Ball. Also, he acts so cutely being jealous of Bai. During episode 19, when he went to buy an identical t-shirt as the other two … and also how he tried to catch up with the little boat. One word: adorable!

D is still overacting a bit. But since it’s for humour purpose, I let it passes. Besides, it doesn’t bother me too much. I even think it’s rather cute. Although I don’t like it when she and ah Qiao are doing the teeth thing. like arrrrgggg …

And the highlight so far …. the slashing I made with Old Bai and Yimu … hohoho … yup, I don’t ship him with Hui Zhen but Bai is uke material to me. hahaha


Pretty Li Hui Zhen episode 6-10 recap

So here I am continuing this drama despite knowing that my favourite shipping couple won’t end up together. But I’t’s quite alright while I wish that Hui Zhen treats Yimu better but I adore each and every scene they are starring together. The chemistry between them is smoking hot. While Old Bai is still the same old j*rk. He might have warmed up a bit toward Hui Zhen but he has yet to redeem himself for all those harsh words he spats around endlessly. Lead or no lead material put aside, I don’t connect to such character, I can recall that I have drop others dramas that the main pairing was written similarly.

Zia Qiao has started lying to Hui Zhen which is a big no-no. But then again, without that, we wouldn’t have any dramas to watch now, isn’t it? I also like the familiarity the editing department members have toward each other.

And a major shout out to everyone shipping BinBin and D together! I’m in with you all! I can’t wait to see … Liehuo Ruge (2018). In the meantime, I’ll continue with this drama … and maybe do a rewatch of all sweet/romantic scenes from the King’s Woman. … yup that is one withdrawal indeed …

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